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Parallel Bible

4.2 ( 5552 ratings )
소셜 네트워킹 사진 및 비디오
개발자: Andrew Breitenberg
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"The Bible is not a book. Its a shared experience."

Parallel Bible is a visual, social Bible. Until now the Bible has been bound in black and white text. Parallel Bible offers a means of reading, searching and contributing to the Bible of the 21st Century. Scroll through a stunning interface of scripture-based imagery and narrative. Share your faith in an instant, streamlined world. Create the new visual tradition of the Bible and join a community of users sharing stories and pictures of how Scripture is applied in our lives.


• upload images and stories that relate to each verse of the Bible.
• scroll through Scripture image by image


• follow your friends and see their posts in your feed
• use your uploaded images to tell your stories in small group
• incorporate your interior faith dialogue into everyday online activity


• search for key themes or scriptures
• get relevant verses, images and stories of how key themes and verses are being lived out.
• a research tool for pastors, teachers and students.